Wabash County Promise


No matter the amount, every cent makes a difference for your child’s higher education and future. Want to learn more about saving through a 529? Click here: www.collegechoiceplan.com

Or visit www.wabashcountypromise.org to learn more about the Wabash County Promise.

Wabash County Promise Introduction

Wabash County will support all youth in the development of their college & career identity through college and career discovery, academic readiness, and educational savings.

 We are very excited that you are joining us as we help youth to dream for their futures! Here in the toolkit you will find a variety of activities, handouts, and resources you can use to build context and excitement for the Wabash County Promise and “Walk Into My Future” event.


Activity 1: Dream for My Future

Activity 2: Finding My Champions

Activity 3: What College Is Like


What Do I Want to Be?

Who Are My Champions?

How Can Champions Help Us on Our Path? (Editable)

What Can We Find on a College Campus? (Editable)

Other Resources:

Extension Activities

Classroom Visit Request Form

Alex’s Letter

Alex H’s Letter

Alli’s Letter

Gareth’s Letter