High Ability Program

Program Purpose:  To identify and serve high ability students in kindergarten through twelfth grade 

Program Mission:  To recognize personal areas of ability in high ability students and provide opportunities that allow students to work within their area(s) of ability to build and/or fine-tune skills and learn new content

High Ability Goals and Objectives

Levels of Service:  Levels of Service (or LoS) is a way for schools to organize the programs offered to students.  By using the LoS framework, schools can insure various program options are available to the wide range of students they serve.  The four levels of service are as follows:

Level 1:  Services for All

Level 2:  Services for Many

Level 3:  Services for Some

Level 4:  Services for Few

High ability programs are considered either a Level 3 or a Level 4, as students must exhibit a certain level of ability to qualify for participation.  To read more about LoS in Wabash City Schools, read the LoS brochure below.

WCS LoS Brochure Front

WCS LoS Brochure Back